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Michael Story's Supply List

Oil Supply List

White: Titanium White
Black: Ivory Black
Earth Tones: Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna,
Yellow: Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Yellow Light
Orange: Cadmium Orange
Red: Cadmium Red Lt., Alizarin Crimson,
Blue: Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean or Compose Blue
(Compose Blueis priced less than Cerulean & only Holbein makes it)
Optional Blues- Horizon Blue & Verditer Blue (Holbein makes these)
Green: Permanent Green Light, Sap Green
Optional Green- Viridian
Violet (optional)


Liquin (8 oz.bottle)
Turpenoid (small size can)
Low-Odor Mineral Spirits for cleaning brushes (Buy gallon size at hardware store,then transport smaller amount in container to class)

#2 Round Brush
One Each- #2, #4, #8, and #10 Filbert Brushes
#3 Fan Brush
1 all-purpose, small size, inexpensive house painter brush, (for applying gesso or for initial color wash)
1 Palette Knife (medium size)

I Box/Soft Vine Charcoal, (medium thickness)
1 Kneaded Eraser

Suggested sizes
9x 12
11x 14
12x 16
16x 20
18 x 24

Wooden palette if you already have one
or create your own home-made, glass palette, taped over a neutral gray poster board or painted background, 12x16 or larger (I prefer this one & will demonstrate in class)
or a tear-away, wax coated, white or gray paper palette

Small tabletop easel or a French easel if you prefer standing

Tackle Box or Art Bin Box to hold supplies
Single Edge Razor Blades
Roll of Masking Tape
1 Can Workable Fixative
Paper Towels or Rags
1 Brush Cleaning Tank (to hold low-odor mineral spirits for cleaning brushes) and
several small, empty plastic containers with lids, (for storing paint medium and for cleaning brushes)

Pastel Supply List

Complete Set of Soft/ Chalk Pastel Sticks / suggested brands- Holbein, Rembrandt, Schmincke, Sennelier, Terry Ludwig, Unison (the more, the better!)

Suggested Papers:
Arches Natural White, Cold Pressed (slightly textured) 140 lb. water color paper
Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper, (white, off white, or creme colors
Uart sanded pastel papers or paper boards

also- bring 1 piece of thick cardboard or foam board, 
to be used as easel backing support for your paper)

Any small, adjustable or folding, table top easel
Stand-up field or French easel (if desired, or already own one)

1 pack of Soft Vine Charcoal (med. thickness)
1 Kneaded Eraser
1 roll of Masking Tape (at least 1"- 2" thick)
Blending Stumps (paper) - 1 small & 1 med. size
1 spray can of Workable Fixative (Krylon or Blair)
Single-Edge Razor Blades or Exacto Knife
1 Sheet Fine Sandpaper (small)
Paper Towels
Clean Rag


 Cloudcroft Art Workshops, LLC
P.O.Box 1202
Cloudcroft, NM 88317