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Michael Story Oil

June 17-21 



5 days - 9:00 to 4:00

Michael Story Pastel

June 24-26 (3da)



3 days - 9:00 to 4:00

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Enrollment with Paypal

I’ve often found inspiration for my art by traveling the coast waterways and interior vistas stretching from New England, south thru the Carolinas, to Florida. I love exploring the interconnections where land and water meet. People want to be near water, both real and imagined, as it exudes a calm that seems magical.
- Michael Story
Master your landscape painting and join Michael for this 5-day workshop as we use the sky and water as a dramatic design element in our painting's composition. The workshop begins with an I-Pad step-by-step presentation showing a progression of Michael's painting techniques from start to finish. Also, Michael will demonstrate effective ways to use multiple references to create endless compositional possibilities for your paintings.

You’ll begin your painting with an initial charcoal drawing, followed by a color wash applied over the image. Starting with shadow colors, you'll begin blocking in your painting, then progressing dark to light to completion. Building final layers of color and avoiding muddy mixtures, you'll achieve fresh, bright color while capturing depth, drama and mood to your work. 

Born in Beloit, Wisconsin, Michael Story was encouraged to draw in his childhood and was taught by his grandfather, Ken Osgood, a professional artist. His family moved to Pennsylvania and later South Carolina. After high school, Story began art studies at East Carolina, then transferred to the University of South Carolina, where he earned a BFA degree in 1975. Later he began freelancing, establishing himself as an illustrator and designer, but the confines of advertising art eventually brought about a shift toward fine art.

In 1981 Story enrolled in his first watercolor class with the late South Carolina artist Robert Mills. The following year he traveled to New York, where he studied pastel and oil painting with internationally known artist Daniel Greene. Story subsequently began experiencing success in competitions and shows, developing a following of corporate collectors, private buyers, and art galleries. His love of the water and familiarity with southern rivers and barrier islands triggered a subsequent exploration of those subjects for many of his paintings.

Recent travels to the southwestern United States and Canada uncovered a new artistic direction for Story. The internal glow of Arizona and New Mexico became the catalyst for a re-examination of color and light. A winter journey to Winnipeg allowed him to reflect on the stark, frozen beauty of our northern neighbor, realizing the importance on taking a “less is more approach” to painting it. Both places have become the current focus for a new body of work that Story is undertaking.

Today Michael Story is an award-winning artist who regularly teaches pastel and oil painting, guest lectures, and juries art shows. His landscape paintings have been featured in numerous publications, gracing the cover of South Carolina Wildlife, South Carolina Business, Lexington Life, Sandlapper, and Palmetto Banker magazines. He has also been the focus of feature articles in South Carolina Homes & Gardens, Lexington Life, Sandlapper, and Arts Across Kentucky. His client list of private buyers and prominent corporate collectors has continued to grow, including the Marriott Corporation, The Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia, Progressive Energy of Florida, The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, Holiday Inn, Fluor Corporation, Erving Texas, and Walt Disney World, along with major banking institutions and healthcare facilities. Story also has work showcased in the Bush Presidential Library in Houston. His paintings have been reproduced by major publishers such as Canadian Art Prints of British Columbia and distributed worldwide.



Artist Website -  www.michaelstory.com

Email - michaelstory@mindspring.com



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