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Suzy 'Pal' Powell

June 3-6 (4-day)


Watercolor and Ink Sketchbook Memories


     Please bring professional grade watercolors and a really good sketchbook: you will be disappointed if you don't.  The cheap watercolor is not bright and vibrant.  My favorite books are the 5x8 ‘handbook’ cheap joes, jerrysartarama. 

Moleskin watercolor book 5 5x8.  Some like stillman and birn.  i dont use the large books because they are intimidating. i love the 5x8 or 6x8 or even the 5x5.  The paper in the handbook is awesome.

     Fountain pen with water resistant ink (I like lamy safari pens) at Gouletpens.com

     Confuscious fude pen with water resistant ink.  They are about 30$ at amazon.com.  I dont use pencil, just ink.  I use DeAtrmentis document black ink, Noodlers Lexington Gray ink and sometimes Tobacco ink.  You can get these at www.gouletpens.com.

     Additionally watercolors/brushes, paper towels, water container, etc.


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