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Anne Hightower-Patterson Materials list

How to Get Your Painting Unstuck

(or steps to creating a successful painting)


Be certain to bring the painting(s) which you are stuck on, finished unsatisfactorily, or the reference that you just don’t know how to start



Arches Watercolor Color paper 140lb cold press or heavier 9x12 block or quarter sheets taped to a board.

You may choose to use another professional grade of paper if you have one you prefer.


Please bring only professional grade watercolors (avoid Cotman and Academy student grade colors)

This is the list of colors on my basic palette. You do not need to have all of these colors. Just bring what you already have.

Burnt Sienna (Winsor Newton)

Raw Sienna


Aureolin Yellow

Indian Yellow

Cobalt Blue Tone (Schminke Hordam)

Ultramarine Blue

Pthalo Blue or Winsor Blue Red Shade

Sap Green

Scarlet Lake

Quinacradone Coral (Daniel Smith)

Quinacradone Red

Quinacradone Rose

Quinacradone Gold

Wild Fuchsia (only available from Cheap Joe’s -American Journey Brand)

OR Opera Rose by Winsor Newton OR Opera by Holbein)

Indigo (American Journey or Daniel Smith)

Red Orange ( Holbein)

Mineral Violet (Holbein)

Palette (Pike, Masterson, and others with a cover)



Buy the best you can afford. Suggested sizes: 8, 10, 12 and a 1”flat are a minimum starting set.

Other Supplies:

Pencil: 2H, HB and a sharpener

A set of markers in shades of gray and black. They can be either a cool set or a warm set, but try not to mix. A suggested set would include a number 2 or 20%, 5 or 50% and 9 or 90% and black. I like the Winsor Newton Pro Markers which have a fine point and broad tip.

A ruler 12”up to 18”

Kneaded eraser or Fractis Eraser

Paper towels (I prefer Viva)

Transfer paper by SARAL

Tracing Paper

Water Containers 2 (one to rinse your brush and one to rinse in clear water before dipping in paint)

Spray bottle for water

Hair dryer

Photo References Needed:

You can email your images to me at patter816@aol.com

and I will print out what you need. If you want to do your own this is what you will need to bring:

Both black and white and color copies of your reference image in sizes 5x7 and 8x10 or 9x12 (If your painting is realistic)


Both black and white and color copies of your troublesome painting in 5x7 and 8x10 or 9x12.



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