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June 17-21



5 days - 9:00 to 4:00


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How to Get "Un-Stuck" and 
Get the Painting You Really Want

Through the lens of the elements and principals of design, we will examine at those paintings on which you feel are not working the way you want or perhaps that resource material that you just don't know how to start and learn the skills to self-critique this and future paintings. Whether it is design or technique, together we will figure out what you need to do next to have more successful paintings.

Level: Advanced beginner to Experienced

Classic American Watercolors

In 2016, Anne Hightower-Patterson was selected by Watercolor Magazine as one of 10 artists nationwide as "Ones to Watch". Nominated for this designation by internationally known artist, Linda Daly Baker, she has been singled out for more and more nation recognition through the past few years.

A native of South Carolina, Anne is now in her fifth decade of creating art.

"I can remember sitting at my father’s knee when I was about five and watching him paint in watercolor. Somewhere deep inside the heart and mind of that little girl was an artist waiting to grow old enough to create. At the age of 12, the Charleston County school system provided the opportunity for art classes. It was the first step awakening that artist in me. The passion has existed within me ever since that time and has only grown stronger through the years."

"My first teacher, Virginia Fouche’ Bolton, provided a strong foundation in her disciplined approach to instruction. Upon reflection, I know I was blessed with one of the greatest instructors and she was a watercolorist, as well. Everything I do today, is built upon the foundation she taught during my high school years."

During the intervening years. Anne has earned a BFA in studio art from the University of South Carolina and a Master's in Education. After working 29 years in the public school system, Anne retired and now paints full time in her studio and teaches classes and workshops in Columbia, SC and throughout the Southeast. She is married to Ron White and resides in Saluda County near Lake Murray. South Carolina.

She is a popular speaker and instructor for art groups and guilds.



Artist Website -  annehightower-patterson.com

Email - patter816@aol.com



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