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Heather Crain - Encaustics

A creative introduction to encaustics: the ageless 
wax technique with current creative trends in art

Required Electric Supply:

~ A dual temperature heat gun.    If you have a heat gun from your rubber-stamping days that will work.    (A hairdryer will not suffice)

~ An electric griddle with a temperature reading dial.    There is a griddle specific to encaustics, but your pancake griddle is larger than the encaustic version.

~ A "wax pot" (or fondue pot) can have the electric plug with temperature dial, or a small sauce pan that rests on top of your electric griddle.

~ Power strip (with surge protection) and heavy-duty extension cord. (please label with name)

~ If you have any of the following feel free to bring them, but they are NOT required;

          A tacking iron (miniature head on a heat wand)

           A small travel iron (no holes on bottom of iron)

            Any other heat, etching, or burnishing tools.

Required Items to be purchased:

~ 2 bags of R&F Encaustic Medium (I will have more available for purchase at class if needed)

~ A starter kit of Encaustic Paints (colors of your choice) at least 4 or 5 colors.    We will be making some of our own colors so you will be learning that skill.    I will also have some colors for sale during class.   

~ 1 R&F Pigment stick in the color of your choice.    (We will likely each come with different colors and can possibly share our colors to expand our palettes)

~ One Cradled Birch board (wooden) Painting Board.    This will be for your final project.    Please nothing larger than a 12 x 12 as our work spaces are limited.    You decide the size and bring it to class.    It can be pre-gessoed or "bare".

Resources Provided by Instructor:

~ Multiple practice boards for each student

~ Paper ephemera to layer (more to purchase if you need it)

~ Laser images to transfer

~ "Embeddables"

~ Texture making tools

~ Pigments and pastels (to expand on what you’ve brought)

~ Various other wonderful supplies.

Other Required Items (usually these are on hand already)

~ Assorted cans (tuna sized) for encaustic paints.

~ Natural bristle brushes wide and narrow (about 10 to 15, one for each color)

~ Craft sticks, or chop sticks about 15(for stirring, scraping, etc.)

~ Wooden clothespins (not plastic) one for each of your metal cans.

~ Small paring knife or a straight blade (for lifting items out of wax)

~ Blue painter’s tape (2 inch is best)

~ Pigments, alcohol inks, Pan-Pastels, charcoal pencils…. any favorite pigment EXCEPT acrylic.

~ Oil paints (we will be using these to make our own colors)

~ Etching tools; clay carving tools, dentist picks, old knife…. get creative.

~ A roll of wax paper for burnishing and wrapping.

~ Multiple sets of disposable latex gloves for each day.

~ A roll of paper towels, or paper "shop clothes".

~ A small package of baby wipes.

~ Painter smock or an old shirt to cover your clothes. (old shoes too…. wax drips)

~ "Embeddables" ; feathers, small stones, postage stamps, a lock of hair, bits of lace, coffee filters, an old coin.

~ 8 to 10 encaustic ideas from Pinterest that inspire you.    Print them and bring them to class.

~ A laser copy of an old black and white family picture. (transferred image will be reversed)

~ A sharpie permanent marker.

Resources for Encaustic Supplies:

R&F Encaustics (They are the leading supplier of all things Encaustic)

Encaustikos, Dick Blick, Cheap Joes, Amazon



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