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Heather Crain



June 10-13


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A creative introduction to encaustics: the ageless 
wax technique with current creative trends in art

Artist Statement:

Iím a third generation, self-taught artist and much of my ability is intrinsic.    Itís just in me to apply my gifting to whatever medium pulls my attention at that moment.    Iím humbly amazed at times by what falls from my pen or brush.    I enjoy harmonizing multiple processes to create something unique; something that draws a new friend to linger.


Heather Crain was born overseas in Germany and many of her earliest memories are of castles, paintings, and shelves lined with books full of lovely illustrations.    Her Grandmother and her mother both paint and Heather was surrounded by creative processes for much of her childhood.    Her background is in education with an emphasis on special education.    Her teaching style was one of creativity, as her students had many different and varied learning styles and limitations.    She also pulls from her extensive travel for inspiration.    She and her husband have been missionaries for over two decades and her travels have taken her from Brazil to India, and Nepal to South Korea.    They have three adopted children and live behind the piney curtain of deepest East Texas.  Heather has been teaching young adults how to process on paper through creative art journaling for three years, and she has been a motivational and keynote speaker internationally.    Her recent focus has been the rebirth of encaustics, which she stumbled onto while taking care of a child receiving cancer treatments.    Her recent works have won juried selections and have been hosted at Tyler Junior College, and University of Texas at Tyler.    She has been interviewed on the radio in conjunction with Art Connections of East Texas and her creations are exhibited and sold exclusively at Valerosa Designs and Gallery of Tyler

About Encaustics:

Working with encaustics requires the use of heat in at least three different forms; a heat gun, an electric griddle, and a "wax pot".    Since we will be meeting and learning in a historic building, we may need to conserve our electricity consumption, as not to overwhelm the circuits.    That being said, I want to encourage you to procure tools, but understand that during class you might only be able to use the one at a time.    We will not be working with torches due to fire hazard, and again we are in a historic building.    I will refer you to websites, and other artists that you can watch on your own.  I will be showing you some tips to ensure "torch confidence" and of course safety.    Our workstations will be shared between 2 artists, so we will need do minimalize our use of electricity.    A degree of flexibility will be required and enjoyed by all.  Please purchase accordingly and keep receipts if you need to return anything.    Encaustics can be an expensive medium, but there are shortcuts.    Iíd prefer that you have materials and not use them, rather that wish you had purchased something and not have what you feel you need.    You can always return what you donít use.    Often times in classes people "share" or "swap" with each other pigments, papers, waxes, etc., and they double their palette in just moments.

Artist Website -  

Email - Heather.acaciaarts@gmail.com



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