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Workshop Art Supply List

Judi Betts

WATERCOLOR: Design, Color and Creative Realism

Suggested Supplies:

The following list of supplies is recommended. If you have been painting, you may use

the tools with which you are comfortable.

Tube Watercolors:

Cadmium Red Cadmium yellow Viridian Burnt sienna

Winsor red Cadmium orange Winsor green Cerulean blue

Cobalt blue Yellow ochre Winsor yellow Alizarin crimson

Winsor blue Indian red Ivory black Rose madder genuine

Aureolin yellow

NOTE: Bring to class additional colors you especially enjoy.

Stool: small folding camp type for outdoors

Sketch book, soft drawing pencil, art eraser, small equipment box

Watercolor paper – 140 pound d’Arches cold press

Tracing paper: 9” x 12” or larger (a few sheets)

Clips: large metal (to fasten paper to board)

Brushes: Judi designed an inexpensive, synthetic, double ended “SHAPE-MAKER

brush (round #8 and a flat 1”) which she uses extensively. These brushes will be

available at the workshop or order from Aquarelle Press ($20). You might already own a

#6 or #8 round and ˝”, 1” and 2” flat which you can bring to class.

Water container: unbreakable, short, wide-mouth

Palette: white, non-staining – with a good-sized mixing area

Sponge: small, natural

Colored pencils: Prisma Color, Derwent, or Caran Dache

Fine line permanent pens: i.e., Pigma pens in black and brown (additional colors if you

wish). Felt-tipped drawing pens-light gray, midtone gray and black

Board-Easel: Judi uses a durable laminated board which is 18” x 23”

The majority of the lecture demonstrations will be held inside, but, weather permitting, at

least one will be outside. Participants may bring a sketch book with their sketches or

their own photographs with which to work while inside.

Workshop participants are welcome to bring a few previously completed paintings,

drawings, or slides of paintings for review.



Fifth Printing

Judi Betts’ award winning book, soft cover, 116 pages $25.00 plus $3.00



By Judi Betts and Charlotte Huntley

Judi’s newest award winning book (5 awards!) A delightful adventure designed to take a

fresh look at originality, life and the creative process. Two talented designers and

colorists share their imaginative approaches to thinking beyond ordinary. Two very

different routes to the same goal. Hard cover, 200 pages in FULL COLOR with die cuts

and fold out pages. $45 plus $4 shipping and handling.


An 8” x 6” sketch-book designed by Judi for her personal use, 60 heavy weight colored

pages of varying weights and textures, with 3 mats for editing and viewfinding. It’s used

to emphasize color dominance. $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping/handling.

SEE-THROUGH!...to strong design

Spiral bound 8” x 11”, 100 page workbook. An organized, easy to use transparent

overlay sketch system utilizing a three-value approach to simplifying design problems.

$16.00 plus 43.00 shipping/handling.


Layout and design by Judi Betts – Sketching is so important…This book is an excellent

example of an artist/writer who does an outstanding job of sketching on location, hard

cover, 112 pages $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping/handling

These books are available through: Aquarelle Press

P. O. Box 3676

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3676

(225) 926-4220

*** Multiple books shipped to the same address can result in lower shipping costs.

Contact Aquarelle Press for rates



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